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Harley-Davidson®Demo TruckHarley-Davidson® Demo Truck Days are coming up at Riverside Harley-Davidson!

For THREE DAYS ONLY on September 12th thru September 14th you can come down and test ride any of the 18 selected bikes from the Harley-Davidson® fleet! Don’t have a motorcycle license? No problem! The JumpStart will be out so you can get the feel of what it is like to have the power of a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle beneath you!

If you just can’t decide between two different bikes, let the Demo Truck Days help you!! This is your chance to come down, take a demo ride, fell the difference and take a look at the rest!

Friday, September 12th (9am-4pm)

Saturday, September 13th (9am-4pm)

Sunday, September 14th (9am-4pm)

Demo Truck Event Video

**Click the above picture to find out more about the Demo Rides and find our event date


Summer Destinations

‘Tis the season for roadtrips in California. Whether you are riding down the scenic Pacific Coast Highway, the unique streets of Route 66 or the desert acres of Joshua Tree National Park, make sure your ride is just as memorable as the destination. Below are a list of destinations in California that the ride and the destination are equally as memorable…

Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Coast Highway

This highway, also well known as PCH is a long 550-mile stretch across the west coast and its coastal roads. Points of interest are the 260 feet high concrete span called the Bixby Bridge, in San Simeon is the Hearst Castle which is the 250,000 acre estate of the media tycoon William Randolph Hearst, the Vintage Motorcycle Museum in Solvang and in between all that is beautiful state parks which act as a great stop and break in between this beautiful coastal getaway.

Route 66

Historic Route 66

This 2,448 mile-route also known as the Mother Road is completely unforgettable on two wheels and is the most iconic route in the country. There are tons of the most memorable pit stops along this road from Los Angeles to Arizona to Illinois. Whether you try and tackle this whole ride or not most veteran riders suggest tackling this ride riding westbound toward the Pacific Coast.

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park

This 800,000 acre park can seem very unwelcoming, especially in the heat of the summertime but the park encompasses some of the most interesting geologic displays. Between the arroyos, playas, alluvial fans and the mass amounts of twisted rocks and exposed granite monoliths, these displays testify to the crazy earth forces that have shaped this desert area.


These are just some of the rides and destinations that are definitely worth a day trip, 3-day trip or a week trip. If you need more help to plan your ride out to these destinations or even a different destination use this link from Harley-Davidson® to help plan it, Harley-Davidson® Ride Planner

Ride On.

Made in America

In celebration of Independence Day, July 4th, watch this video released in February by the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Some people believe that our products in American cannot cut it in this economy today and American ingenuity doesn’t count for much anymore. This shows the transformation of the York, PA plant where post of the bikes are made including the ever so popular Street Glide. This shows that Harley-Davidson Motor Company is the benchmark and truly is the American Dream.

The Harley-Davidson® Project LiveWire ™ Experience

Customers have been coming into the dealership with tons of questions about the first electric motorcycle by Harley-Davidson­® but we know just about as much as everyone else does, but we’ll try our best to give you all we know.

The Motor Company, Harley-Davidson® has created this motorcycle with an electric engine and is sending it out on tour, The Project LiveWire Experience is to gain feedback from their customers. The difference between this electric motorcycle and the others on the market is the fact that it is a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, with its iconic style, look and sound.

These unique, first time motorcycles are not for sale. This is experience is to gain knowledge and feedback from the customers first, to make this electric motorcycle the best it can be. Through the tour this summer, any rider with an invitation to demo and a valid motorcycle license can take a ride on the bike, test it out and give feedback. Don’t ride yet? No worries! You can take a ride on the Jumpstart, a stimulated riding experience.

The Project LiveWire™ Experience Tour is a go! This 30 city tour starts in New York on June 24th, the first few dates have been posted (click the picture above to check out the dates), check back within the next week to see the full U.S tour and to find out when this unique machine is coming to a dealership near you!

The Harley-Davidson Street™ 750

The Harley-Davidson Street™ 750

I am sure you have heard about the infamous 750 Street we are giving away at our last bike night of the summer, right? Well, if you have or have not, we wanted to give you a little more detail about what makes the 750 Street the amazing bike it is. Click the photo above and indulge yourself…

Psssst…the more bike nights you attend, the better your odds are! We still have seven more bike nights until the winner of the 750 Street is picked on our Bike Giveaway bike night, September 26th, 2014!! Don’t miss your chances to beat the odds!

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Like Father Like Son







As a kid you grow up watching, idolizing and mimicking what your parents do.  A son thinks nothing is cooler than his father and his Harley-Davidson motorcycle.  With Fathers Day coming up lets take a look at these fathers and sons bonding over the love of the best machine around and them wanting to be, just like dad. 







Dad’s Most Wanted List

Dad's Most Wanted List

Fathers Day is just around the corner and Riverside Harley-Davidson has the perfect gifts for your favorite guy!!

Click the image above to visit Harley-Davidson’s website to view their Fathers Day Most Wanted List. Better yet, stop in to your local Riverside Harley-Davidson today! Don’t miss out on the best most wanted list in town!

Look Twice

Look Twice

With only 3 days left in Motorcycle Awareness Month, we must remember that the safety of ourselves and our fellow riders does not stop when May ends.

Always look twice.

Take your pick

Keeping with the Memorial Day spirit and with one of our categories for this Fridays Ride-Up Bike Show being Best of Paint, let’s take a look at some of the different patriotic paint jobs on Harley-Davidson’s!





Which one is your favorite?


With the 15th Annual West Coast Thunder quickly approaching on May 26th, let us take a look back on 2009′s West Coast Thunder. From this video you will be able to see in a smaller scale exactly how many bikes and bikers come out to support those who served us. Starting their engines and taking off at exactly 9:11 a.m. thousands of bikers make their way through the streets of Riverside. Surrounding businesses, homes, and people hear the sound of thunder as this unique ride makes its way to its destination, the Riverside National Cemetery.

If you have yet to register and want to become a part of this once in a lifetime tradition please visit


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