Reminiscing over 2014

With 2015 coming up quickly and 2014 coming to an end here in just 2 days, we wanted to take a look back on some of our favorite memories from 2014! From our Birthday Bash Bike Night to the Battle of the Babes, all the way to our Naughty or Nice Indoor Bike Night!  All of us here at Riverside Harley-Davidson want to thank each and every one of you for being a apart of such an amazing year!

Who else is ready to see what we have in store for 2015?!

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Employee Holiday Traditions

The seasons bring families and friends together and for some it is time for family traditions.  Unique or not, big or small, almost all families have Christmas/holiday traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation or may have even been created last year!

We always ask customers for their stories when they enter the dealership, so for the holiday season we wanted to give some insight on our employees.  For this post we asked a few of our employees what some of their holiday traditions were.

Here are their answers:

Doug Roessing our General Manager said, “my family always attended midnight mass, and afterwards my parents always let me and my siblings open up just ONE early Christmas present.  We were always ecstatic and couldn’t wait to get home that night!  The second tradition is, my family had a Christmas train that was passed down from my aunt and uncle.  We always had it going around our Christmas tree throughout the holiday.”

Megan Palmer our General Ledger Accountant said, “my sisters and I always used to wake up super early and go through our stockings and then put everything back and acted like nothing happened, when clearly our parents knew about it!  Also, on Christmas day our whole family always goes up to the mountains, even to this day we still keep that tradition alive!”

Deb Causey one of our Motorclothes Consultants said, “my husband and I would always make our kids sleep in the same bedroom on Christmas Eve and we would go outside and make reindeer noises and in the morning our kids would always say that they heard Santa and his reindeer!”

Megan Vogeli said, “everyone in our family always used to get together on Christmas Eve and make Hurstalla, a Yugoslavian dessert (it’s delish!), since we have gotten older we can’t all get together on Christmas Eve and do it but we still make it a point to all make it and enjoy it during the Christmas holidays!”

All of us at Riverside Harley-Davidson want to know what your holiday traditions are and hope that you all have a very happy holidays!

Customer Appreciation

The holiday season is the time of year we start thinking about the people and things we appreciate most.  We want to show our customers how much we appreciate them and how thankful we are for them letting us be apart of their special moment of buying a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Here at Riverside Harley-Davidson we get so many customers who walk through our doors and with each one comes a different story, a different reasoning as to why they are here, why they want to buy a Harley-Davidson and we love being a part of that journey and experiencing it with those customers every step of the way.  With Customer Appreciation Weekend in a just a few days we thought we would get together with our Motorcycle Department and ask them which customer stories have stood out to them the most these past couple months.  

Our first story comes from our Assistant Sales Manager, Kevin about one of his customers.  A lady customer who used to ride but after her mother passed away she stopped riding because her mothers wish was for her not ride unless it was with family. They were out driving one day and took a wrong exit and ended up seeing our store, as they pulled in, they parked next to a used Harley with a sidecar.  She walked in inquiring about it and ended up buying it because she wanted her son to be able to ride, but he had cerebral palsy and could not ride his own.  We were able to make it happen and she was ecstatic at the fact her son could ride with her, all while making her mothers wish come true and she could get back out riding! 

Another story comes from Hogan on of our Assistant Sales Managers about his customer.  He was married for 52 years and when his wife passed away and he became very distant from his loved ones.  When he realized that he had hurt the ones he loved he told them to meet him at a specific address, which ended up being Riverside Harley-Davidson.  He took his son and daughter over to Jim at our Riders Academy desk and wanted him to teach his son and daughter to ride so they can come together and experience and enjoying the love of riding together. The gentleman ended up buying the three of them each a bike. 

Our last story comes from Ray our General Sales Manager about a customer who came in and was casually browsing.  As they got deeper into what he was looking for, they found out that he had to sell his bike 10 years ago for personal reasons. We just so happened, to have the EXACT same bike, literally down to the year, make, model, color and everything! 

Each of those stories show the type of experiences we love being a part of with our customers.  We love sharing the memories and being a part of a new memory that we create for each of our customers.

We are ready to show even more appreciation this weekend with our Customer Appreciation Weekend! Free food, free hot cocoa and hot cider, free photos with Santa and his elves! Also, a Fashion Show @ 12pm on Saturday showing off all of our seasonal gear!

‘Tis The Season To Be Thankful

It’s that time of year, the holidays are approaching and Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  Thanksgiving is often a busy time for people, between shopping for Christmas, planning your Christmas parties, decorating, and don’t forget the ever-so-popular Black Friday sales the day after.  Most often, we forget that Thanksgiving is also a time when we should stop and consider all the things that we have to be thankful for.

We went around the dealership and asked some of our employees the most important question of the holiday season …

Thanksgiving Contest - What Are You Thankful For?

These were their responses:


Doug (General Manager) – … “my family, friends and a 12 month riding season”

Rory (Sales Manager) – … “my wife and daughter”

Ray (Sales Manager) – … “my family and kids being in good health, and my dad getting a successful heart transplant and my job”

Ben (Assistant Sales Manager) – … “being in California, and not being in 30 inches of snow in my hometown”

Kevin (Assistant Sales Manager) – … “being able to work here and the family and bond that has been created by working for this team”

Jessica (Event Coordinator) – … “the life I have been blessed with and the truly amazing family, friends and boyfriend that are in it and push me to be the best version of myself everyday. Oh! and my pup Cooper”

Deb (Motorclothes Consultant) – … “having my son, who is in the Navy being able to come home from Japan for Christmas”

Josh (Assistant Sales Manager) – … “my job, that i am still living and breathing and my family and friends”

Sway (Desk Assistant) – ... “my true friends and family, they are such an amazing support system”

Ryan (Driver) – … “my son being born healthy and with no complications”

Stefan (Rentals) – … “my family and my girlfriend because they are supportive in anything and everything I do. Oh, and my bike!”

Rob (Service Writer) – … “my family because they do ‘bodacious’ things for me and for having my knuckles in the wind”

Sadie (Motorclothes Consultant) – … “positive people and furry animals with cute tails”

Berna (Motorclothes Consultant) – … “my family and my doggies”

Keeley (Motorclothes Manager) – … “my mothers and the bond between our family.  The health of my children and the opportunity to achieve anything I want in life”

Chuck (Fit Specialist) – … “my family, my wife and that my kids are getting good grades in school.  Also, for working here at THIS dealership, I have been trying to work in the Harley-Davidson industry for awhile”

Zion (Fit Specialist) – … “my family and friends for being there for me this year, it has been a tough year.  Also, for my co-workers and my new bike!”

Lucas (CSC Manager) – … “my kids, family and my fiance.  It makes me the luckiest guy in the world to have those people in my life”

Wendy (Internet Fit Specialist) – … “my world aka my family and kids”

Dawn (Internet Fit Specialist) – … “the fact my kids are happy and healthy, a roof over my head, a good job that lets me put food on the table and a higher power of my understanding that has let me have all of this”

Danny (Fit Specialist) – … “the life I have today and the relationships i have with my family, kids, grand-kids and my girlfriend Cindy”

Paige (Motorclothes Consultant) – … “the military for fighting for our freedoms, and for the health of my family and friends”

Alex (Internet Fit Specialist) – … “my backrest, concealer with SPF and push-up bras”

Crystal (Desk Assistant) – … “how far I have come since last year and the person she has become”

Goldy (Fit Specialist) – … “family, friends cause they will always have my back and will be there for me.  Also, for wheelies and pizza!”

Victor (Fit Specialist) – … “my health and this job and the relationships I have made”

Christian (Service Dispatcher) – … “Jesus, my family, country music and ‘murica!” 

Wyatt (Parts Consultant) – … “the good people around me”

Valerie (Motorclothes Consultant) – … “the health of my family”

Ray Ray (Porter) – … “this job”

Now, the question is, what are YOU THANKFUL FOR?


Are you on the naughty list?

It’s that time of year again! You know, the time when getting a parking spot at the local mall takes just about as long as it does to actually shop, or getting home from work takes you twice as long! You guessed right, its the holiday season!  We want you to spend your holiday season with your friends and family.  So, forget about going out shopping, sit back and relax at home because Harley-Davidson® has the perfect holiday gift guide to help you get the goods for the baddest on your list.

Shopping for him? Shopping for her? Shopping for the rider in your family?

Well, click the link below and get ready to shop!

Just one question, have you been naughty or nice?

Perfect Riding Weather, Are You Ready For It?!

Fall is not just made for pumpkin spice lattes, football season or for cuddling up by the fire, it’s the prime riding season for us Californians!

As Harley owners on the East Coast are getting ready to store their bikes for the winter season, the riding weather on the West Coast is just getting started.  November is the month where our weather goes from 100 degrees to the 70’s and 80’s, and I don’t know about you but to me, that is perfect riding weather! Not too hot and not too cold.

So get ready for the weekends, kiss the work week goodbye, gas up your bike, rev your engine and get ready for the best season of the year, riding season! Visit this website for some of the best California rides and routes out there.




Custom Bike Build

Ever wonder what goes into customizing a Harley-Davidson® from beginning to end?  Ever want to sit back and watch a Harley-Davidson® Master Technician at work?  Well now is your chance!

For three Saturdays in a row, starting this Saturday, November 1st we will be having a custom bike build right on our showroom floor.  Josh, one of our Master Technicians will be rolling his lift right out onto the showroom floor and will be customizing a 2015 Morocco White Pearl Street Glide® Special from top to bottom.  The customizing starts at 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. each day.

If you like what you see at the end of the 3-day customization bike build, the 2015 customized Street Glide® Special will be for sale in the days following the build!

Be sure to get down here and get your front row seat to watch a masterpiece unfold right before your eyes!

We’re almost a year old!

What difference can a year make??  EVERYTHING for Riverside Harley-Davidson under the ownership of brothers Michael and Paul Veracka.  Coming up on the dealerships one year anniversary on October 31st, the Veracka’s have achieved and surpassed their goals of revitalizing the Riverside store to one of the top motorcycle dealerships in the country.

Riverside Harley-Davidson has become a powerhouse dealer, exceeding both the previous dealerships sales and customer service scores.  They maintain the largest inventory in California of the newest motorcycles that Harley-Davidson has to offer.  Besides more than 400 bikes in stock and a top-notch service and parts department, the showroom boasts the newest in motorcycle apparel and knowledgeable staff to address all of their customer’s needs.  But for the Veracka’s, their proudest accomplishment is increasing the dealerships job opportunities by 100% which has assisted in stimulating the City of Riverside’s economic growth.

The Veracka brothers have not reached these goals by themselves but with the support of their dedicated staff and customers.  They instill in every employee their philosophy, “We have a world-class brand in Harley-Davidson, but it is our focus on customer service and involvement in the community that makes us different.”  Teamwork and customer service are the foundation of their business.  While holding tight to the Skip Fordyce Harley-Davidson legacy and loyal clientele, staff welcome every customer into the dealerships family with a smile and are ready to assist whatever their motorcycle riding needs may be.

Riverside Harley-Davidson and its employees insure that every day they deliver their “WIG”.  What’s “WIG”?  Ask any employee.  “WIG” stands for the dealerships “rWildly Important Goal – to fulfill dreams by delivering a premium customer experience, Creating Customers for Life.”  The staff works diligently to create this customer experience by increasing the dealerships events that bring the dealership and the community together.  These events have included:  themed summer bike nights, open houses, ice cream socials, pancake breakfasts, bike washes and much more.  These events are organized to be a fun time for customers of all ages.  Additionally, the Veracka’s have embraced the tribute to those American’s who have served/are serving in the armed forces to maintain our freedom and keep our country safe by continuing to maintain the long-standing relationship with the non-profit West Coast Thunder Organization.  Its Memorial Day Ride brings the motorcycle community together to pay tribute to these brave men and women.

Riverside Harley-Davidson has only just begun.  They will continue to maintain their success with nothing less than hard work, dedication, teamwork and commitment to customer service in order to create a long standing legacy in the City of Riverside.


We’re keeping it going…

Did you think Riverside Harley-Davidson was done entertaining you with all our events?! Well, you thought wrong!! We’re keeping the party going because in California there is never an off season! When other dealerships in the colder states are closing their doors…we’re keeping ours open and adding something a little extra special too! For every event you attend in these upcoming months you can ENTER TO WIN A $2015 GIFTCARD*!! The drawing will be LIVE at our first bike night of the season on March 12th, 2015! Just like our bike giveaway..the more events you attend, the better your odds are!

Here is a few of our upcoming events:

Come celebrate Oktoberfest, the Harley way at our Biketoberfest Weekend Event! Enjoy brats and pretzels while playing Biker Bingo and enjoying $1 beers**!


Be sure to kick off your Halloween festivities at our Trick or Treat Bike Night, it’ll be fun for the whole family! Customer costume contest and trick or treating in all the departments!


We’re celebrating our FIRST birthday too! So we’re continuing the party through the weekend with our HOG-o-Ween event! Bring your carved pumpkin to win a $50 RSHD giftcard and Halloween basket! Enjoy FREE BBQ and cupcakes all weekend to celebrate with us!


These are just a few so be sure to check back on our website ( and on our FaceBook (Riverside Harley-Davidson) for more!!

*$2015 giftcard not valid towards the purchase of a motorcycle **please drink responsibly

If you missed out..

We don’t want anyone to feel like they missed out on coming to our biggest party of the bike night season at our Throwback and Bike Giveaway Bike Night, so we thought we’d share a few of our favorite moments from this weekend! From our Road Glide Special dice roll, to the bike giveaway, to our department decorating challenge, and our chili cook-off, we had a blast throwin’ it back to the past!

Our Service Department decided they wanted to go back to our Beach Party/Luau themed Bike Night


While our Sales Department wanted to take it back to our Red, White and Blue Bike Night

10670187_10152442892277198_1516515076924712682_n 10647126_10152442945257198_7172262982148284095_n 1798065_10152442945307198_2731753160727802646_n

And our Parts Department wanted to go back and celebrate Cinco De Mayo all over again, with our Margaritas and Senoritas Bike Night


Our girls in the Motorclothes Department wanted to celebrate Christmas early, bringing back our Christmas in July themed Bike Night

10665851_10152443309562198_6678680843766182041_n 10686784_10152443309427198_6153930362128547906_n

The Road Glide Special Dice Roll was a hit as always, on Bike Night the line was out the front door!



We ended our night with a bang by giving away the grand prize everyone had been waiting for all bike night season long…the 2015 750 Street!

Our General Manager Doug, reached in and picked the lucky ticket…


and made James Horsbourgh, one happy customer!!

10430873_10152443737172198_6680007825309843068_n 10702084_10152443737522198_2500168802205077706_n 10352392_10152443713227198_2046864695446551304_n

On Saturday we had our first ever Chili Cook-Off and had a blast!

10616464_10152444747502198_4429100046137353799_n 10325182_10152444747712198_1784993931385756156_n

The Judges


Angelo Barriga was our Overall Chili Winner!


Bill Robbins was the Best Spicy Chili Winner and Best Decor/Set-up


All of us at Riverside Harley-Davidson want to thank every customer that walked through our doors on 1,2,3,4 or all of the bike nights we had this bike night season and were able to hang with us!! If you weren’t able to make any…no worries! we have all of next summer to have you come celebrate with us again!


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